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Klassen Cookies Social-Emotional Learning Bundle

Klassen Cookies is meant to be 100% kid-driven. We want to help every teacher create an environment in which students can empathize with one another. And that’s why our program begins with five simple precepts:

  • We are blameless & nameless
  • We are respectful & empathetic
  • We are judgement-free
  • We communicate
  • We change the world


We can also provide educational services for using our program that include:

  • Web-based and classroom training for teachers
  • Continuing education for teachers and principals
  • Certification to train/tutor others on our program

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What's Inside?


Students are compelled to think before gossiping. This lesson advises them to consider how it feels to be talked about in and when to defend someone who is the subject of gossip.

Assume Positive Intent

Don't assume the worst. Think positive first! Teachers inform students that assumptions can be not only wrong but hurtful. In this lesson, students learn the importance of thinking positively.


Students learn to celebrate one another and be happy for others' success. While you may be jealous of what one person has, they may be jealous of something you have and they don't.


As the adage goes, cheaters never prosper. Students will learn that cheating gives teachers the impression that you know the lesson, and your teacher will not be there to help you even when you need it.

Be Resilient

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. In this lesson, students are taught the value of resilience and the admiration given to people who exhibit such toughness.

Keeping Secrets

This lesson explains how secrets can be harmless, privileged information between friends in some cases, and very hurtful in others. The best way to handle it is through civil communication.

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