Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we receive most from our clients and prospective clients. If you are unable to find your answer here, please send us an email through our contact page and we will be happy to respond.

How do you pronounce “Klassen Cookies”?

Class-in Cookies.

Why are cookies apart of the program?

Why not? Everyone loves cookies! Cookies give an informal feel to the discussions. The creator of Klassen Cookies did a lot of research about Danish schools and it’s traditional for Danish classrooms to enjoy cake while discussing subjects of empathy in the classroom. She thought cake would be more appropriate for the classroom setting without the use of plates and utensils, and cookies seemed like the perfect fit!

What does “Klassen Cookies” mean?

It translates to “The Class Cookies” in Norwegian.

Why are there more topics in the program book than weeks in the school year

A variety of topics are written because the book is designed for you to choose topics based on the needs of your students. The book is not meant to go in order, as that would go against the integrity of the program, which is designed to be student driven. You will most likely not get to every topic in the program, however, you will have plenty of topics to choose that are specific to topics that are relevant to students in your class.

What if a student brings up a topic that is not in the program?

We’ve tried to cover a wide variety, and will always be looking to add more through different editions. Should a topic not be covered in the book, then you can Contact us for a possible add in our next edition. You are encouraged to still speak on topics students bring up that may not be covered here, and you can follow the same format in the program book.

What’s the purpose of the Klassen Cookies box?

Students will use our secure box to submit questions or concerns, to be discussed within the Klassen Cookies session. An example would be: “I’m having trouble getting along with a friend”, or “I feel like such a failure in Math.”

How long should a Klassen Cookies session last?

About 30 minutes a week, though you are welcome to do more if you like!

What does teacher prep time look like?

Our program is designed to be simple! There are no copies that need to be made, except a one-time parent letter explaining what Klassen Cookies is all about. Additionally, a student survey 3 times a year will need to be copied. Beyond that, that’s it! The teacher uses the program book to guide discussions, and the students listen and discuss. The program truly is conversational and meaningful.

Are there any student assignments that need to be completed with the program?

During the development of Klassen Cookies, it was shown that when students were tied to an assignment that had to be completed through the social-emotional lesson components, they became less likely to share their feelings and less likely to have conversations with peers. During student feedback, we learned that students didn’t want to share because they felt the more they did, the more work they had to do. Therefore, we experimented with taking assignments out, and students became more willing to share their feelings. Klassen Cookies became more a forum to talk, listen, empathize and care. At Klassen Cookies, we strive to keep the program true to what we know students need, someone to listen to them and guide them through life! It is a realistic program, designed by a teacher who has been in the classroom and recognizes how busy teachers are, and how much students just want to be heard.

What about kids who have food allergies?

We have a list of popular allergy friendly cookies which you can find here.