Share. Learn. Grow.
Because life is messy.

We're facilitating meaningful conversation between students, teachers, and their peers in pursuit of better emotional health.

Klassen Cookies Teaches Children...


How to cope with their emotions positively

Strategies to help children cope during moments of great emotional stress


To listen and empathize with their peers

Participating in both sides of a conversation - sharing and listening


To practice and improve communication

An open forum in which students are encouraged to lead the discussion

A wonderful program for elementary aged children to learn to express their emotions.


Klassen Cookies is a safe platform for students to learn about and share strategies to handle life’s challenges.


A positive part of the school week. We are fortunate to have this program available to us.


The parent component makes it so easy for teachers to connect with the parents without extra work.


Students really respond to Klassen Cookies because they understand that they are the driving force for topics.


Changing the world.
One cookie at a time.

Help your students develop the skills that will contribute to their social emotional wellness. The Klassen Cookies comprehensive program is designed to generate greater relationships between children, their peers, teachers, and parents. Klassen Cookies should be a positive part of the school week, in which kids can share their thoughts, feelings, and cookies!

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